Bulk SMS Solutions

The rise in competition and the constant need to remain in communication have provided a huge impetus to utilizing bulk SMS as a marketing tool. Our bulk SMS services enable companies and people to be in direct contact with their clients, customers, employees, team members, suppliers, etc. by sending news, warnings or reminders, credit card statements, bills, promotional advertisements and greeting messages are just some of the common examples.

Through our web-based interface, you can send bulk SMS and import contacts. In addition, we also integrate our SMS service with your website or any software or application.

Bulks SMS Services

SMS Solutions

Promo SMS
Promotional SMS
Promote your business by sending Offers, Notifications & Alerts to targeted audience.
Trans SMS
Transactional SMS
Trans SMS, Service Made easy!! Send Notifications, Statements, Bills, Reminders ....
Trans SMS
International SMS
Using our platform, can quickly send SMS messages from local to international.
2 Way SMS
2 Way SMS
Receive info / update / query SMS from your customer & auto respond / acknowledge ....
Long Code
Long Codes
Enable 2 Way SMS communication using 10 digit virtual numbers & keywords ....
Short Code
Short Codes
Enable 2 Way SMS communication using short code virtual numbers & keywords ...
SMPP Connectivity
We provide SMPP connectivity with unlimited throughput ....
Integrate our SMS API into your applications to send OTP, alerts, notifications, etc ....

SMS Features

Group Messaging
Reach thousands of people in a second with a single click using our web & api platform ....
Personalized Messaging
At a time send custom message to each recipient based on your business needs ....
Multilingual Messaging
Send messages to your customers in regional languages Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, French etc...
Lead Generation
Use our short url solution to generate leads from your SMS campaigns.
Excel Upload
No need to install any plugin can upload excel from any where to send sms.
Manage your contacts
Add your contacts in organized way by adding different groups.
Scheduled Campaigns
Schedule your SMS campaigns at targeted date & time.
Automated Alerts
SMS alerts will be sent on the occasion wedding/birthday/renewal date etc..
Accurate Delivery Reports
100% accurate delivery report with all sms failed reasons.