Long Codes

Long codes are 10 digit virtual mobile numbers that are used for two-way communication. Since these are globally accessible i.e. the customers/recipients can access from international locations, they are charged nominal SMS charges only.


There are two types of long codes.

Dedicated Long Code - Clients are assigned an exclusive long code for their business, which works for their applications only. It offers scope for unlimited keywords and applications.

Shared Long Code - Clients share the long code with other businesses. Each business is assigned a particular keyword and the responses are mapped accordingly.


  • Auto reply
  • Unlimited keywords for dedicated long codes
  • Live tracking and reports on web interface
  • Integrate long code with applications through our APIs
  • Integrated across all telecom operators
  • 24x7 technical support
  • 99% uptime

Uses - Where can be used?

  • Product or Service promotions
  • Sales force management
  • Voting and Polls
  • Promotions and Surveys
  • Single player and multi-player games content aggregators
  • Internal communication
  • SMS chat services
  • Media and advertising agencies